Pre-Design, Architectural Design and Capital Projects Management for Higher Education

Brawley and Company provides integrated planning incorporating relevant academic pedagogy, operational imperatives and available resources for new and re-purposed capital facilities.

From Savannah to Seattle; Santa Fe to Ho Chi Minh City

New Building or New Campus

Brawley and Company was established in 1998 based on decades of experience on-staff at the University of Washington in operations and capital development of individual buildings and new campuses. We provide support to administrators at the institutional and departmental levels for capital development.  Selected Services include:

• Facilities Analysis & Evaluation • Master Plan Design, Development and Review • Architectural Design • Design & Construction Strategies • Facility Programming • Criteria Development • Building Code Analysis • Program Estimate & Budget • Occupancy Planning • Scheduling • Feasibility Analysis • Contract Tracking/Facilitation • Technical Design Review • Design Control/Integration • Public Agency Review Interface

Brawley and Company can provide a lean and efficient team, keeping a low overhead and profile for early studies, but we also have the ability to build a larger team, appropriate to the task, as a project may progress.